Wendy DePalo, aka Wen Dee, is a blogger and fictional writer of Amish, Inspirational, Christian stories. She is also writing a book about barn yard animal antics, based on events that happened on her farm in Lithia, Florida.  Her blogs, Coupons for Newbies and Amish Fun, have many followers and include educational and interesting topics.

Wendy is a full time caregiver for her 24 year-old daughter with Autism and other disabilities, as well as full time caregiver to her disabled husband, who is living with an inoperable brain aneurysm. Bob and Wendy have been married for almost 28 years. In her spare time, she volunteers in her community via a group called Friends of FishHawk to help families in need.  She also teaches couponing classes for the local community.

Wendy is employed by Medicaid as a Behavior Assistant, is a Patient Care Technician and a CNA.  Her passion is working with Special Needs Children.

Wendy prides herself on keeping her writing word count goal of  1,000 words per day. Her goal includes blogging and writing for chapters in the two books she is writing. You can visit Wendy’s couponing blog Coupons for Newbies and her other blog site Amish Stories and Interesting Facts.  You can also find Wendy on Facebook at Coupon for Newbies and Amish Fun.

Wen Dee


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