Ronni writes under the nom de plume, R. Mitchell Scott, in honor of her husband and Anglo-Scotch-Irish family tree.

A native of beautiful Tazewell County in Southwest Virginia, Ronni, whose given name (thanks to Hollywood and the Beach Boys) is Rhonda, shared a name with six other girls in her small high school. Friends call her Ronni, but if you call her Rhonda, she insists she’ll have to call you Mother.

Ronni is an Air Force veteran, former teacher, and Bible teacher. A passionate artist, Ronni loves the smell of clay, graphite, and oil paint. She believes messy hands are happy hands, be it paint, batter, mud, or chocolate.

At age 52, Ronni enrolled at Asbury Theological Seminary’s Florida campus, where she earned a master’s degree in biblical studies. Ronni is blessed to live close to her three little grand buddies, and loves to teach them to do things in nonconventional ways. She thrives on panache, flair, and finding joy in the daily work of just living life. Cooking, baking, eating, painting, sculpting, scavenger hunting, nature walking with her three grand buddies brings joy. They say Granny makes the best fudge in the world!

Ronni is currently writing and compiling stories drawn from a lifetime of personal encounters with the person of Jesus Christ, who came running to meet her in the darkest hours. Her motto: Do something diagonal once in a while!

Ronni #19 


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