Jane was raised in an evangelical Christian church and received Jesus Christ as her Savior at the age of four years.  As a teenager she became rebellious, making foolish choices.  After years of running from God, He mercifully called her back to Himself.  The experiences of her rebellion now enable her to warn others of the consequences, yet give them hope, showing that God is both merciful and forgiving.

Jane has always been heavily involved in every church she has attended, from soloist in the choir, church pianist, hospital visitation, lay person in charge of women’s ministries and Bible study teacher.  In 2001 she began attending a Messianic congregation of believers composed of Jews and non-Jews.  This experience became a life changer, and in her words she has, “learned the Scriptures of the Torah teach us to have a right relationship with God and with our neighbors while depending on the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Jane has completed the layman’s biblical counseling course ‘Caring For People God’s Way’ from the Light Learning Institute.   She has a Certificate of Completion from the Deliverance Ministry Training Class through Above and Beyond Freedom Academy.  Over the years Ms. Owens has discipled approximately 30 women and was formerly a volunteer mentor at a state women’s prison.  Now retired, she is using her time to glean from her many journals and outlines writing meditations and articles to encourage other believers in our Savior and Redeemer, and those who are looking for the Author of Life, Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Messiah).



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