Gail Ann retired from the United States Navy as a Commander after twenty two years of service. Her military career took her from St. Louis to Guam, Norway, Scotland and London, awakening a lifelong love of travel and adventure.

Gail Ann’s love of family has always been a directing force in her life and she’s been very involved in the raising of her granddaughter, Anna. Also dedicated to her church, First Baptist Church of Brandon, Gail Ann has served as a member of the orchestra and senior adult choir as well as a teacher at the Academy. Gail Ann’s retirement from teaching however, has reawakened her sense of adventure and desire to travel. She’s combined those interests with her next career as a Christian fiction author.

Gail Ann has been in love with Sherlock Holmes for almost fifty years, and is writing a contemporary Christian adventure series about him. Written with suspense and humor, her first book introduces Mary Morstan as John Watson’s wife and a woman of faith. Mary joins Sherlock, John and all our favorite Conan Doyle characters, as Gail Ann challenges them to make life altering decisions through their new adventures. Additionally, after her recent journey to London, Gail Ann has launched her new blog. Please join her at for observations on Sherlock, faith, writing and travel.

For as Sherlock would say:

“The Game is On!”



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