February 2018 Meeting Reminder

We fiction writers are always looking for ways to improve our characterization and plots, but we mustn’t forget the place our stories are set in. World-building is obviously important in genres like science fiction and fantasy, where the worlds are made up by the author. But world-building is just as important for real-life stories set in real-life places. Even in real-world settings, the characters’ environments need to come alive.

Image may contain: 1 personJoin us this month, on February 22nd at 7 pm to hear Ruth Ellinger share about real-world world-building. Ruth’s expertise comes from writing historical novels that include rich details of the time periods and settings.

RUTH CARMICHAEL ELLINGER was born and raised in the Ohio Valley, setting for her historical and inspirational trilogy, The Wild Rose of Lancaster, Wild Rose of Promise, and Sword of the Wild Rose.

Ruth is twice recipient of American Christian Writers, “Writer of the Year” and 2010 Brandon Arts Council Award, “Artist of the Year” for Excellence in the Arts. She has received numerous writing awards for both fiction and nonfiction.

The author’s unique ministry experiences have taken her and her family from deserts of Arizona to the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, to the tropical banana plantations of Central America. She writes about her experiences in her blog, The Shepherdess.

Ruth and her husband, a pastor, make their home in Florida. They have four grown children.

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This month’s meeting is February 22nd. 

7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

We meet in Room 305 of the Family Center at:

St. Andrews Methodist Church
3315 Bryan Road
Brandon, FL 33511
CLICK HERE for full directions and a campus map.

Our prompt this month is “Chasing a Shadow.” (Remember–you may bring work on any topic. Writing to the prompt is optional.)

Works brought for critique should be no more than two pages front only or one page front and back, typed, double-spaced, 12 pt font.

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About Kat Heckenbach

Kat grew up in the small town of Riverview, Florida, where she spent most of her time either drawing or sitting in her "reading tree" with her nose buried in a fantasy novel...except for the hours pretending her back yard was an enchanted forest that could only be reached through the secret passage in her closet... She never could give up on the idea that maybe she really was magic, mistakenly placed in a world not her own...but as the years passed, and no elves or fairies carted her away...she realized she was just going to have to create the life of her fantasies. She shares that life with her husband and two homeschooling kids. Kat is a graduate of the University of Tampa, Magna Cum Laude, B.S. in Biology. She spent several years teaching, but never in a traditional classroom--everything from Art to Algebra II. Her writing spans the gamut from inspirational personal essays to dark and disturbing fantasy and horror, with over forty short fiction and nonfiction credits to her name.

One thought on “February 2018 Meeting Reminder

  1. Oh, Kat, Deb, Ruth and Friends: I hate to miss again but my sister from Bradenton and I have been doing a special class together for the last four weeks and this is the final “graduation” night, and then we are headed to see “Is Genesis History?” in Lakeland.

    I know it will be a great meeting. Hoping for a great crowd to learn from Ruth. Blessings, CJ


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