Keynote Speaker at 2015 Florida Inspirational Writers Retreat: Deb DeArmond

We are excited that our Keynote Speaker for the 2015 Florida Inspirational Writers Retreat at Cedarkirk Lodge (Lithia, FL) on October 3rd will be Deb DeArmond. Here’s a bit about Deb and a sample of her writing:

Deb DeArmond’s been married to her high school sweetheart nearly 39 years. She has three incredible sons and daughters-in-law and four perfect grand boys (with two more on the way). But Jesus is her favorite, and the others have learned to live with it.  Deb and her husband Ron live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

More of Deb DeArmond:

YOU MIGHT AS WELL LAUGH! His grin spoke volumes. He was re-living a victory from earlier this morning. “Don’t say it,” I warned. “It’s my magical power, you know.” Ron chuckled. Then guffawed. I nearly spit out my coffee, as I too, got caught up in laughter. It’s funny. Now. As a writer, I spend many hours at the computer. Mac and I are joined at the hip, which, believe me, makes it tough to reach the keyboard from that…

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Please visit her website at

For more information about the Florida Inspirational Writers Retreat CLICK HERE.

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Kat grew up in the small town of Riverview, Florida, where she spent most of her time either drawing or sitting in her "reading tree" with her nose buried in a fantasy novel...except for the hours pretending her back yard was an enchanted forest that could only be reached through the secret passage in her closet... She never could give up on the idea that maybe she really was magic, mistakenly placed in a world not her own...but as the years passed, and no elves or fairies carted her away...she realized she was just going to have to create the life of her fantasies. She shares that life with her husband and two homeschooling kids. Kat is a graduate of the University of Tampa, Magna Cum Laude, B.S. in Biology. She spent several years teaching, but never in a traditional classroom--everything from Art to Algebra II. Her writing spans the gamut from inspirational personal essays to dark and disturbing fantasy and horror, with over forty short fiction and nonfiction credits to her name.

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