Growing up and Growing in

Kerry Johnson


The TV flicks on, and I search for my favorite music station on Pandora. Writing music.

Beside the music menu, Curious George’s face fills the screen. Tears prickle so fast I barely have time to blink before they’re racing down my cheeks.

My mind clicks back. Wondering how long since my boys and I read about George’s fishing adventures with the man with the yellow hat? (Fishing with cake? Only George could pull that off.) How long since we watched the colorful animated movie filled with a delightful soundtrack and a beautiful reminder about friendship?

Okay, so this post isn’t actually about Curious George. (Though it was one of my favorite book and TV show series when the boys were younger.)

It’s about parenthood–looking back, saying goodbye to yesterday, and leaning in to our Father when the looking forward scares us. (Because parents get scared, too.)

This year we have a 6th and 4th grader. Where these little boys went, I’m not…

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About WordsasWorship

Faith, family and friends enrich the life I share with my husband RJ in historic Plant City, Florida. Good news abounds here and I write about it in Focus, our community news magazine. As a member of Brandon Christian Writers, WordWeavers Tampa, and, I'm encouraged to continue practicing my lifelong passion for the power of words. Writing inspirational real life stories is a favorite pastime, and especially those that point others to God.

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