FIWR Update

The Florida Inspirational Writers Retreat is just around the corner (September 28). If you’ve yet to register, we’d like to remind you the Early Bird Registration deadline is August 31.

In addition, we are excited to share that Cheri Cowell, FIWR keynote speaker, offers e-book conversion services to help fellow authors take advantage of this growing market. Since opening two years ago, EA Books have added short run print-on-demand as well as audiobook services.

Along with a sign-up sheet for Tim Lowry of Ambassador International, we will also have a sign-up sheet at the FIWR for fifteen minute, individual appointments with Cheri if you’d like to discover if EA Books is a good match for you.

Please be sure to visit EA Books at

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Gil is an author, writer, and blogger whose passions include connecting people and affecting change. A self described sports, tech, music, and peanut butter junkie, Gil lives in Tampa, FL, and is the father of two awesome kids and husband to the amazing Lee Sullivan.

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