A Writer’s Prayer

A Writer’s Prayer
(from Ruth Carmichael Ellinger’s Facebook page 8-13-12)

Oh, Lord,
make me respect my mind so much
that I dare not write what has
neither meaning nor moral value.

Let my time be valuable enough to spend it wisely.
Help me choose with equal care,
my friends, my books, and
the things my eyes should see
because all influence my life.

Show me that, as in a river,
the depths hold more
of strength and beauty
than do the shallows.

Keep me from caring more for much writing,
than for careful writing,
for books more than
“the Book.”

Give me an ideal
that will let me write only the best,
and when that is done —
stop me.

Repay me with power to teach others.

Then help me to say
from a disciplined mind
a grateful…


BCW Next Monthly Meeting – Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hope to see you at this week’s monthly meeting on Thursday night, July 25, 2013:

July 25th from 7 to 9PM.
St. Andrews United Methodist Church
3315 Bryan Road
Family Center-Room 305
Brandon, FL 33511

Deb Coty will lead this month’s critique session while Cheryl Johnston is away in Tennessee.

Additionally, the monthly prompt (from last month), should you choose to write on this one: Share about a time you or someone you know experienced unspeakable joy.

Or: Describe a recent “divine appointment” experience when God arranged for your path to cross another’s and you were connected for a purpose.Image