Marketing As A Writer

We’d like to thank Tim Barrios from Impact Media Creations and Ruth Ellinger for presenting to our group on October 24 regarding the use of social and traditional marketing tools for writers.

Stay tuned for more information and resources to help your marketing efforts as a writer.

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Gil is a missionary with Advocates of Love. He serves as Director of Operations for AOL's children's home in Samaná, Dominican Republic. An avid blogger, Gil shares his stories about faith, parenthood, and other topics. For more information, visit

One thought on “Marketing As A Writer

  1. Many, Many thanks to Cheryl and the group for having me at Thursday nights monthly BCW meeting. I think all of us learned something new that night about what Social Media Marketing is and how to best use it along with traditional marketing to grow any business.
    For those who were not at the Thursday night meeting, There were prizes and you can still win.
    1. “Like” Impact Media on Facebook. at
    2. Post something on the Impact Media Facebook page about what you learned Thursday night, or an observation, or a question.
    3. Share the Impact Media FB page AND the new Writers website ( by posting both addresses on your wall or on another writers wall and introduce Impact to someone.

    Prizes: Your choice of 500 full color business cards or 250 bookmarks.
    Design and Printing ABSOLUTELY FREE! A minimum $75 PRIZE value!
    4 Random Winners will be posted Monday at noon on the BCW FB Community page.
    ***Prizes must be redeemed before December 31,2012.***

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