Keynote Speaker at 2015 Florida Inspirational Writers Retreat: Deb DeArmond

We are excited that our Keynote Speaker for the 2015 Florida Inspirational Writers Retreat at Cedarkirk Lodge (Lithia, FL) on October 3rd will be Deb DeArmond. Here’s a bit about Deb and a sample of her writing:

Deb DeArmond’s been married to her high school sweetheart nearly 39 years. She has three incredible sons and daughters-in-law and four perfect grand boys (with two more on the way). But Jesus is her favorite, and the others have learned to live with it.  Deb and her husband Ron live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

More of Deb DeArmond:

YOU MIGHT AS WELL LAUGH! His grin spoke volumes. He was re-living a victory from earlier this morning. “Don’t say it,” I warned. “It’s my magical power, you know.” Ron chuckled. Then guffawed. I nearly spit out my coffee, as I too, got caught up in laughter. It’s funny. Now. As a writer, I spend many hours at the computer. Mac and I are joined at the hip, which, believe me, makes it tough to reach the keyboard from that…

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Please visit her website at

For more information about the Florida Inspirational Writers Retreat CLICK HERE.

Growing up and Growing in

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The TV flicks on, and I search for my favorite music station on Pandora. Writing music.

Beside the music menu, Curious George’s face fills the screen. Tears prickle so fast I barely have time to blink before they’re racing down my cheeks.

My mind clicks back. Wondering how long since my boys and I read about George’s fishing adventures with the man with the yellow hat? (Fishing with cake? Only George could pull that off.) How long since we watched the colorful animated movie filled with a delightful soundtrack and a beautiful reminder about friendship?

Okay, so this post isn’t actually about Curious George. (Though it was one of my favorite book and TV show series when the boys were younger.)

It’s about parenthood–looking back, saying goodbye to yesterday, and leaning in to our Father when the looking forward scares us. (Because parents get scared, too.)

This year we have a 6th and 4th grader. Where these little boys went, I’m not…

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August Meeting 8-27-15

Hello Writers:
This month’s meeting will be a great one and I look forward to seeing everyone again. Since encouraging one another is our goal, please enjoy the following article by Ravi Zacharias about Collaborative Creativity. Let’s each post our thoughts on the Brandon Christian Writers page on Facebook (look for this link and comment below it on the page). You might also like to share it on your personal page.

Also, just a reminder that we are writing to the prompt—“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times…” and will be sharing our maximum 500-word stories anonymously to see if we recognize the individual wiring “voices” of those in our group.

I’m so grateful for each of you! Feel free to invite friends to our meetings as well…the more, the merrier.
Cheryl Johnston Coty 8-27-15

Author Interview: Belinda Kramer ~ Jesus and the Children of Galilee

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I’m thrilled to welcome author Belinda Kramer to my blog today.

Belinda is a new and dear friend I met through my local Christian writers’ group. She has a warm and welcoming smile and is a big encourager.

When I heard she’d written a book called Jesus and the Children of Galilee, about Jesus and two school- aged boys who meet and follow Him, I was intrigued and eager to read the story.

About the Author:

10934134_802963359741100_229522009037598721_o[1]Belinda Kramer is an educator, journalist, and speaker. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in public relations from the University of Florida and a Spanish teaching certificate for kindergarten through twelfth grade levels. Her publishing career began at the age of fifteen when she entered a national short story writing contest and won first place for her story, “The Eternal Promise.”

She has 15 years of experience in public schools teaching Spanish to…

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The Gladiolus and the Dragonfly

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I should chop that thing down.

The emerald green of the gladiolus stem was gone. In its place was a dried out, bare stalk. The flowers had withered away, their deep pink beauty just a memory.

The bloom was off the gladiolus, and my glove-covered hands itched to snip, snip.

But, I didn’t.

I’d planted the seed months ago, in the expectant air of spring. A tiny promise in a bag.

My hubby said it would be tall, and it was. God’s amazing design, from nearly invisible in the palm to breathtaking beauty towering over the garden.

Hidden safely away beneath dark soil for weeks, months, the seed finally sprouted then shot up to nearly the same height as my nine-year old.

pink gladiola 7 10 13[1]

The gladiolus flower was gorgeous, well worth the wait. Fuchsia tinted with darker, silken edges, it captured the eye and touched the soul with the lushness of God’s paintbrush.

But in the grip of Florida’s summer heat, the flower…

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